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Tell the World You are Ready for Open Contact with Extraterrestrials.

As a groundbreaking CMPF member you are playing a critical role in protecting the future of human civilization and building meaningful support for enlightening and maturing our global society into an enriching interplanetary multicultural species.

Seven Pillars of Understanding as a CMPF Member

I accept we are one of many forms of intelligent life in the universe, but nevertheless unequivocally unique.

I declare fundamental Human Rights extend to extraterrestrials without giving up any of my own. And my demand for human rights for all my fellow humans without distinction is exponentially more essential than before.

I believe advanced extraterrestrial Knowledge and Technology can save and enhance humanity and planet Earth.

Leadership, I affirm, is inherently our greatest, but most lacking, human ability. I will build this attribute up in myself and only follow great leadership.

Positive social change begins, I resolve, with my own continuous Personal Development and Growth.

I attest my perception, attitudes, and decisions will be derived from carefully utilizing Critical Thinking skills.

I pledge to do my part to extol the potential world-changing benefits of open cultural engagement with extraterrestrial civilizations and strive for higher standards of living and quality of life for the community in which I live.