About Us

Who We Are

Soon the age-old question “Are we alone in the Universe?” will be answered.


We never were.


Why didn’t the United States government admit extraterrestrials exist until now?




There’s a fair chance society can’t handle the truth.


And collapse.


The Cosmic Melting Pot Foundation (CMPT) is dedicated to helping human civilization — empowering each person at a time — overcome their profound emotional and psychological disillusionment about our place in the cosmos — before and after Full Disclosure.


And advance planet Earth to an interplanetary, multi-species culture.

Our Mission

We remain deeply committed to the vision of preventing the collapse of human civilization by inspiring and facilitating society’s positive shift of perspective to accept, adapt, and cope with the rapid integration with other extraterrestrial species and cultures, without losing our own distinctness, before and after the world-altering event of Full Disclosure.

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