The Cosmic Melting Pot Foundation

The Future May Surprise You

The Cosmic Melting Pot Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging cultural interaction and exchange of knowledge and technology with extraterrestrials — We deeply believe human civilization is ready and mature enough to face the reality that we are not alone in the Universe!


We are not interested in government conspiracies, cover ups, disinformation, denials or half-baked explanations.  We are not interested in the inexhaustible mountains of evidence of visiting extraterrestrials spanning the whole of humanity’s existence. And we are not interested in delaying the truth to spare humanity’s cosmic insecurities and fear.


We are only interested in how human society deals with — and potentially benefits from — the United States government’s imminent recognition and Full Disclosure of the objective truth that extraterrestrial aliens do exist and that they are interested in us and our civilization.


When will we know?


Soon! — As part of the COVID-19 Economic Relief Bill, included in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal 2021, lawmakers ordered U.S. intelligence agencies and the Defense Department to prepare and deliver an unclassified comprehensive report and detailed analysis of its research on the potential existence of UFOs and other unidentified aerial phenomena submitted to Congress within 180 days of the bill’s passage.

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